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Finance and Global Economics Forum of the Americas

9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

With speakers including International Monetary Fund Western Hemisphere Director Alejandro Werner, Bank for International Settlements GM Agustín Carstens, Menta CEO Cesar Covarrubias, Burger King International CFO Daniel Schwartz, and University of Minnesota Professor of Economics Tim Kehoe.



The Future of Business and Technology – Insights & Trends

8:45 AM - 4:45 PM

With Lennar Corp. Executive Chairman Stuart Miller, DraftKings CEO Jason Robins, Pacific Gas and Electric CEO Geisha Williams (BSIE ’83), and some of MBS’s most dynamic faculty.

Annual Homecoming Cookout

5:00 PM

Featuring Shorty’s BBQ and a family-friendly atmosphere.



Driving Business Success in Latin America & the Caribbean, en Español

8:00 AM - 1:15 PM

Where MBS faculty experts on Latin America and the Caribbean will discuss winning business strategies and economic predictions in Spanish.

Advance registration is required for these complimentary events. Click to register or for more information.

Celebrating 70

Miami Business School marks three major milestones: the 70th anniversary of the full-time, two-year MBA, the 40th anniversary of the Executive MBA in Health Sector Management and Policy, and the 20th anniversary of the Executive MBA in Spanish.

This year the Miami Business School is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its MBA program, the 40th anniversary of the Executive MBA in Health Sector Management and Policy, and the 20th anniversary of the Executive MBA in Spanish (which used to be the MSPM). The MBA 70th Committee, which is spearheading the Homecoming events and all of the MBS milestone celebrations, is led by Paul Sugrue, former MBS dean and professor of the Department of Management Science.

The School is marking these milestones with an on-campus program of forums, social events, learning opportunities, and more during Homecoming Week. It will offer everything from the opportunity to “kickback and have some fun, to reliving the classroom experience and learning about the latest business ideas and trends from faculty and fellow alumni,” says Sandy Goldstein (BS ’81, MBA ’84), a member of the 70th Anniversary Organizing Committee. “And [also] just getting to know the School again for those who haven’t been here for a while, and for those who have – it’s a chance to spend more time.”

“Much has changed during the program’s lifetime and even in just the past few decades,” says Goldstein, who is the CEO of Capsicum Group. When he was in the program, it was more of a general MBA, focused on “polishing the apple, learning how to lead,” Goldstein says. Today, he feels the program emphasizes in addition the skill sets that MBA students have to deliver to succeed in today’s workplace.

Goldstein’s son Sean Goldstein (BBA ’12, MBA ’13), a Manager with IBM Consulting an SAP consultant with IBM and a member of the MBS Entrepreneurship Programs Board, completed the School’s one-year program. When they compared experiences, “There were parallels and there were differences,” Goldstein says. Sean was able to concentrate on computer information systems, versus his father’s general business administration program, and he did more computer-based case study simulations. “I find that to be very much more real-life, and I think he and his fellow MBA students get a lot of those simulations and activities,” Goldstein says. “On the other hand, strangely enough, we had a couple of the same professors, and he and I had similar opinions of their teaching.”

70th Anniversary Committee member Adam Carlin (MBA ’94) adds that the MBA program has become far more global since he earned his degree – in terms of where students come from, the curriculum perspective and where students expect their careers to take them. “We are a school that aims to prepare our graduates to be able to compete for top positions around the world in different markets with differing business cultures.,” says Carlin, who is a managing director at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management and co-creator of the school’s Bermont-Carlin Scholars Program. “We’re teaching our students what’s necessary to be a leader in different parts of the world.”

“These milestones mark an exciting time for the School,” Carlin says. “We’ve taken 70 years to build an incredibly strong infrastructure that allows us, for these coming 70 years, to grow exponentially.” To set the stage for the next 70 years, he invites all MBS alumni to pitch in. “If we’re going to be able to best set the Miami Business School for the future, all of us that have benefitted from the school have to show up, roll up our sleeves, and do what we can,” Carlin says. “And if there’s enough of us doing that, the possibilities are huge.”

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